Diabetes Destroyer – Has the Final Solution to Diabetes Been Found?

Some time ago we obtained the copy of the popular program called Diabetes Destroyer. Diabetes-Destroyer-2As it is a very new product we have been quite interested to study it more in depth. It is designed by David Andrews and relates to the diabetes type 2 as its focus. The core of the program is learning how different diet and lifestyle change can actually be the most effective method in controlling the diabetes symptoms and lower blood sugar levels. In addition, in continuing to doing so to reach a point where Metformin or Insulin are no longer needed. The control of the body is achieved by gradually reducing diabetes symptoms. Speaking technically, you would still be considered diabetic but only formally.

Whether this method actually works or is deficient in some way, like quite a few of existing product we wanted to examine by asking one of our friends, John, with diabetes problem, if he would like to participate in a little test study of ours. When we explained to him the core concepts listed above, he happily agreed. He remarked that, basically he had nothing to lose by trying and so much to gain. Having also a heart condition he is rather used to all kinds of limitations in daily life. Therefore, a little discomfort by sticking to the new diet regime did not bother him that much. He has been following the method for two weeks now. We will share his impressions a little bit later.

Going official

One of the first things we did was typing in the official website of the program. The first thing we saw there was a lengthy video of the product creator, David Andrews, giving presentation of his program. There also is a text version for those who prefer reading than watching videos. A dying breed we might assume. Not that it matters much in this particular case, but we found his website quite well done and clean looking. As explained right there on the website, the program is heavily based on the diabetic nutrition and related lifestyle that are joined together in one well-structured program and supported by natural cures. For sure, in this modern age, a preferred way to tackle health problems whenever possible.

Digging deeper in the Guide!

Let us focus now on the core of the program and see what else is there that David Andrews promises will help people with diabetes to get rid of Insulin or Metformin. There is much attention in the book on the foods that have been established to be the cause of diabetes. Mainly referring to fats, sugar, white meat, red meat and related products, too much use of sault in the dishes, coffee and tea. Recently, the have been news stories about these products saying they are not as much harmful as generally believed. However, one thing is for sure, they are damaging and especially to someone already having diabetes.

Diabetes-Destroyer-David-AndrewsIt is well known that those foods cause body to overexert itself trying to process them and results in organ inflammation.

We found it quite a good advice as laid out in the book, to lower fast food intake, along with so-called white foods that include white pasta and also a gluten containing grains. What is advised is to get more of the real food and water, which allows our body to get rid of extra carb weight without external help.

One of the main concepts regarding this treatment method is related to the identification of the toxicity of gluten and ways to help you removing it from your diet. There has been extensive documenting of how removal of gluten has helped patients cure the symptoms of diabetes.

What is in the Book ?

Let us get now into some snippets of the book, without revealing from it. It is only fair an original author gets the something for all the effort put into the production of the book.


Step 1: Planning of the meal

It lays out a plan on how to reinvigorate your pancreas and its natural functions. A list of the necessary foods is included. This is intended to be only temporary meal plan.

Step 2: It is time to boost your metabolism

In order to stimulate insulin production naturally, increasing your metabolism is necessary. In this chapter we read a very detailed guide that clearly describes the steps involved. A very short workout is described that takes only 30 seconds to do. In addition to that, there is a special recommendation of several kind of berries that you can use to supplement the workout.

Step 3: The timing of the meals

This section of the book talks about importance of scheduling your meals and how it can help you to take control of your diabetes. Important aspect here is how to maintain your glucose levels by tackling it right from the breakfast. A key element is described here, which, if you take it with your breakfast will help you controlling glucose levels for the remaining of the day.

Positive Sides

  • We found nothing but tried and proven methods in the book
  • It gives you natural remedies for type 2 diabetes. Also works for pre-diabetes. It should eliminate frustrating tingling, insulin injections and need for diabetic medicine which come with numerous side-effects.
  • Program is very clear and understandable as also confirmed by our friend John.
  • We were surprised to learn that the product comes with 60-day money back policy. That is quite a long time to be really aquatinted with the product and see if it works for you.
  • And yes, there are video guides included in the package and special video course about Insulin Sensitivity.

Negative Sides

  • There are some conspiracy like talk about large pharmaceutical companies and how they play dirty in order to earn more money. Based on what is by now a common knowledge we can’t say for sure the author is not right on that point.
  • A change in the lifestyle is going to be necessary for this to succeed and changing your life is never easy.
  • In addition, there are not any promises of the overnight cure. Based on what we read in the book and gleamed from video courses this program is going to require determination, discipline and sticking to the plan.

If you think this is something that can be of help to you, you can find it by clicking on this link.