Reviews of Whitening Strips Based On The Consumer Reports

Obviously, celebrities can afford expensive teeth-whitening treatments and end up with perfectly white teeth. For regular people, whitening strips are the most affordable and the best alternative. They are safe, provide results quickly and easy to use.

But, there are so many of them on the market, so which one is the best? We conducted a research with consumers and professionals who have already used these products and now can present you the best whitening strips based on consumer reports.

Days of Use
# of Strips
Application Time
Whitening Level
Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips + 1 hr Express
20+240+430 minutes/dayHigh
Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips
204030 minutes/dayModerate to High
Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light
102060+10 minutes/dayHigh
iWhite Whitening Strps
142830-60 minutes/dayModerate
ProDent 3D Ultra White
142830 minutes/dayModerate to High
  1. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects 20 Treatments + two 1 hr Express

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips are the best choice, according to the highest number of people who used them. First of all, they are perfectly safe to use and they won’t cause any issues, which we liked very much.

Then we have the ability to easily remove stains 14 years old! This is simply impressive. Even better, the first results are seen after just 1 hour after one of two bonus Express whitening treatments you get in this package. There is no need to wait any longer for the first time, because the compounds from the whitening strips require the mentioned amount of time, not longer. The end result is perfectly white teeth, the same ones you can expect after visiting a professional.

Mentioning additional reason why these strips are so desirable is mandatory. According to studies which test them, the strips use enamel-safe agents. They are actually the same professional dentists use. Furthermore, we mentioned that 1 hour is enough to see the results, but for most people, 30 minutes will be sufficient. Just in case, keep them on your teeth for 1 hour.

Each stripe is specifically molded to fit the teeth curvature as perfectly as possible. Removing them is easy as well, and they won’t crack while you are doing so. The strips work by moving past the enamel and removing even the deepest stains! This guarantees you perfectly white teeth. All the strips come in a small package, suitable for travelers and for those who want to keep their teeth white at all times.


  • Removes up to 14-year-old stains
  • Great whitening results
  • Enamel-safe agents
  • First results are visible after 1 hour
  • Strips are molded to fit teeth perfectly


  • Only 2 Express treatments
  • The price is higher


  1. Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening Strips Kit – 20 Treatments

If you are looking a fast and reliable whitening strips, pay attention to the product in question. Almost all people who used it, claim that it is one of the quickest, when it comes to the results, on the market. First of all, you should use a strip for 30 minutes per day, which is less than most other products require.

Then we have an impressive Advanced Seal Technology which will keep the strips safe and sound even when you talk or drink. The grip is implemented in such way that they cannot be accidentally removed, but once you need to remove them, it is extremely easy.

The first, major improvements can be seen after 3 days, but for the full effect, you will have to wait up to 20 days. In any case, they are quicker than most similar products, while maintaining the safety and simplicity. It is a common thing to forget about them while having the strips on your teeth. The grip is amazing, but they are well-designed, meaning that you won’t actually feel them. According to consumer reports, permanent users forget that they even have the strips.

It is impeccable to use the strips once per day for no longer than 30 minutes. They won’t damage the teeth layers nor have any effect on the gums, but keeping them for a longer period of time may cause increased teeth sensitivity. The effect will last for at least 12 months, thanks to the sophisticated formula these strips use.


  • Should be kept on the teeth for only 30 minutes per day
  • Large package
  • Advanced Seal Technology
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Tested and safe to use


  • May cause minor teeth sensitivity
  • Less powerful than similar strips


  1. Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light – Teeth Whitening Strips Kit

The effect you will get with these strips will last for 36 months, which is simply impressive. They have the same enamel-safe ingredients which are used in dental offices and which are proved for being safe and effective at the same time. A thing or two about the strips you should know is that they are lightweight. Obviously, all of them are, but these ones are thinner, meaning that they feel more comfortable when placed on the teeth. Let’s just add that the grip and the strength of a strip aren’t compromised.

When used in bright light conditions, the effects are even faster to achieve and they are even more impressive. The process targets the yellow stains deep in the first layer of each tooth. They are first weakened and later removed completely. In other words, there won’t be any pieces of evidence your teeth were yellow in the first place. The only down side about this product is the time you need to spend using it.

You need 60 minutes for each whitening treatment and additional 10 minutes to use the light with the strips still on teeth.

The end effect is quite dramatic. If you use them on a permanent basis and obviously brush your teeth daily, the effects will be almost the same as if you visited a dentist and had expensive teeth whitening.


  • Effects will be visible after 36 months
  • Lightweight and water resistant strips
  • Light boosts the process
  • High efficiency in people who drink plenty of coffee


  • The price
  • 60+10 minutes per day per treatment


  1. Teeth Whitening Strips Teeth Bleaching System – Professional At Home Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening Shade Guide

These strips are actually quite different than the previous three products. As you can see first, the manufacturer is different, but the real difference is in the ingredients and the strips themselves. The first thing you are going to notice is the result after just one treatment. Yes, it is actually possible to get whiter teeth, without stains and yellow deposits after just one treatment using these strips. Of course, the more you use them, the better results you will get. In the package there are 28 strips, meaning that you will have plenty of them available to reach the maximum effect.

Using the strips is easier than you may imagine. There are 3 steps and each one takes a few seconds to complete, except the second one which means that a stripe should be left on the teeth for 30-60 minutes. After this process is done, you will have to remove the strip and all is done. The process must be repeated once per day.

Additionally, we would like to mention that the formula is one of the safest you can get. Actually, dentists use it for patients with extremely sensitive teeth. As such, you won’t feel any issues even if you are one of the aforementioned patients.

The stains, old up to 10 years, will be completely removed. While wearing a strip, you will be able to talk, drink water and laugh. They are transparent, so people around you won’t actually see them. The efficiency, according to a research is 25 times higher than with teeth whitening toothpaste!


  • Ideal for sensitive teeth
  • Very affordable
  • You can drink water and talk while using a strip
  • The first result is visible after just one treatment


  • Stains older than 10 years won’t be significantly affected
  • Slow in a case the stains are too hard to be removed


  1. ProDent Teeth Whitening Strips – Professional At Home Teeth Whitening Strips

After the first treatment you will see the results, but only after the complete process, you will be satisfied with these strips. They are made to be extremely reliable, safe to use and affordable. In a matter of fact, they are the most affordable teeth whitening strips we were able to find in this category. In addition, each package has a total of 28 strips, for 14 treatments in general.

Using them is the same as other teeth whitening strips and the time needed to a stripe to stay on the teeth is around 30 minutes. When it comes to sensitivity, these ones are probably one in the top end. Regardless of how sensitive your teeth may be, the strips will make sure there are no drawbacks. The same fact applies to the gums. Stains up to 10 years will be removed without any traces.

Combine efficiency made this product the most common choice by elderly people. Most of them claim that they are 100% satisfied.

This formula is also light-activated, meaning that the strips can be exposed to the light, which is a benefit if you need to talk while wearing strips. They feature non-slip design capable of staying on the teeth regardless of what a person does at the moment. In the package, owners will get the detailed instructions, which are highly beneficial if you are a beginner.


  • Light-activated formula
  • 14 treatments by a single package
  • Detailed instructions
  • Non-slip design
  • Sensitive


  • Complicated to adjust
  • Teeth must be dry before applying the strips

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To maintain a sparkling smile it is recommended to use good electrical toothbrush and Waterpik water flossers. For those hard to reach areas interdental brushes and/or floss picks are recommended. Best whitening strips for smokers are a good choice for those with heavy yellow staining of teeth accumulated over the years of smoking cigarettes.


At the end, we must say that most people claimed the Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips are the best. We tested them and we agree! They will remove stains up to 14 years old and there are enough strips for 20 treatments plus two Express treatments if you need your pearly whites to became shiny white fast. Using them is simple, effective and safe, everything teeth whitening strips must provide. If you are in the mood for trying some other product, others on the list are recommended as well.