Most Effective Teeth Whitening Methods You Can Do at Home

If teeth whitening by lemon juice or vinegar did not help you, it is because they just do not go through deep enough to the dentin! You need to apply some of the most effective teeth whitening methods and you can do all that at the convenience of your home.

Why Do Teeth Need To Be Whitened At All?


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Dentin is located below the surface of the teeth or under the enamel, which is transparent, and it is the one which determines the color of teeth. Over time, the dentin can change the color, it will give teeth a yellowish tint. Also, on the surface of the teeth various pigments may be deposited, such as those from food, coffee or tobacco, which both affect the color of your teeth.

Most Effective Methods to Make Your Teeth Brighter

There are many ways for teeth whitening, but are effective only those which penetrate deep into the dentin. You can whiten them in the dental office, which is faster, but on this occasion, stronger teeth whitening products are used.


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Equally effective is the so-called night bleaching. That of course does not mean nocturnal visit to your dentist, but making of transparent films under the imprint of your teeth so that you yourself can put a teeth whitening product and wear them like that during the night. This method is a little slower, but also effective and less harmful to the tooth surface.

One good example of this is Zoom Whitening which you can apply at home.

Of course, it is very important which dentist do you go to and which products they use. Or you can do it yourself with very carefully selected product for teeth whitening at home.

Keeping The Teeth From Having Stains In The First Place

To keep your teeth after whitening white as long as possible you should avoid coffee, tobacco, red wine, dark sodas, teas and juices!