How To Choose The Right Dentist?

How To Choose The Right Dentist?   They say a smile is the best make-up one can wear. When you meet someone, the first thing you look at is the smile. A smile is reflective of your dental hygiene as well. Do you think you do enough for your dental health? Brushing twice a day, … Read more

Wisdom Tooth Pain reliever–Home Remedy to relieve Toothache

The mouth undergoes several stages of evolution throughout the human lifecycle. During which, it goes through several changes, most of them being in the late teens and early twenties. Of all the changes it undergoes, the most common one is the emergence and growth of the third molars at the back of the mouth, termed … Read more

Four Reasons Why You Need a Regular Dental Check-up

Four Reasons Why You Need a Regular Dental Check-up A smile is worth a thousand words, and a healthy smile is worth even more. To preserve your valuable grin, you must protect your teeth by visiting your dentist regularly. Oral health commonly takes a back seat, and people often see their dentists when they already … Read more

Dental Crown: Things you need to know!

Dental Crown: Things you need to know!   Dental problems are more common than you think.   In fact, every 1 in 4 Americans have one or more dental issues.   Well, several factors such as unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle, lack of hygiene and failure to make up for regular dental appointments can lead … Read more

Ginger For Oral Health: Heal Toothaches And Cavities Naturally

Ginger For Oral Health: Heal Toothaches And Cavities Naturally   Your kitchen is more than just a place to satisfy your hunger. It owns some of the best ingredients with hard to find medicinal properties that have the ability to cure various health conditions. Among many such ingredients present inside your vegetable basket, ginger turns … Read more

Dental Treatment for Healthy Living

Dental and oral health maintenance is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. And people should be made aware of the types of surgeons or dentists they should visit for proper oral treatment. Below are the dental specialists and dental procedures available to help readers address their different dental problems. Types of dental practitioners Endodontists. … Read more

Oral Health Care & Autism – All You Need to Know

Children with autism often experience sensitivity to touch, light, and sound. For these and other reasons, routine dental visits and practising good oral health may be challenging. Taking each child’s needs in mind, family members and dental professionals can provide them with the skills necessary for good oral health. What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Autism … Read more

Tonsil Stones: Everything You Need To Know About It

Tonsils are two small tissues that are situated at the back of the throat. These are part of the body’s immune system and produce antibodies and white blood cells to help protect the body against infections. Because the tonsils are placed at such a strategic position and collect bacteria to fight them off—they are often … Read more

Dental Implants vs Dentures, Which One is Better for You?

Teeth are there for our important day-to-day bodily functions, like talking, eating, and chewing. Your teeth are prone to damage either through injury or infection. Although this is not rare, everyone deserves to have healthy and natural-looking teeth. In this article, we specialize in dentures and dental implants. How are dentures different from dental implants? … Read more