Tonsil Stones: Everything You Need To Know About It

Tonsils are two small tissues that are situated at the back of the throat. These are part of the body’s immune system and produce antibodies and white blood cells to help protect the body against infections. Because the tonsils are placed at such a strategic position and collect bacteria to fight them off—they are often … Read more

Dental Implants vs Dentures, Which One is Better for You?

Teeth are there for our important day-to-day bodily functions, like talking, eating, and chewing. Your teeth are prone to damage either through injury or infection. Although this is not rare, everyone deserves to have healthy and natural-looking teeth. In this article, we specialize in dentures and dental implants. How are dentures different from dental implants? … Read more

Sealing Out Cavities Is Better Than Filling Them

With regular brushing and flossing, both children and adults can work to prevent cavities. However, younger children who are still learning how to thoroughly brush their teeth can become more susceptible to cavities. Bacteria that are missed can quickly build up in the indentations and natural grooves of children’s teeth. As bacteria builds up in … Read more

Causes Of TMJ Disorders And How A Family Dentist Can Help

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a painful condition of the lower jaw muscles and joints connecting directly to the jaw. These joints are on either side of the jaw in front of the ears. The joints are for moving actions including talking and chewing. Many people live with this painful condition associated with painful symptoms … Read more

5 Important Things Every Orthodontic Patient Should Know

The quest for a bigger, brighter smile and a comfortable bite is something each orthodontics patient is after. Unknown to many, there’s some responsibility that comes with getting Invisalign installed. The decision to go ahead and use Invisalign aligners is a bold move that is met with immense joy. But once you are home, questions … Read more

Influence of Tobacco Use on Oral Health

Tobacco Habit and Oral Health  The effects of tobacco use on people’s overall health are well-known.  The active ingredient in tobacco, nicotine, is highly addictive. Smoking and chewing tobacco products are associated with incidences of cancers, emphysema, and the decreased ability to heal. Tobacco use also affects dental hygiene and dental health. Smoking and chewing … Read more

A guide to your child’s oral healthcare

Source: Oral health and general health are closely related. Therefore ensuring a perfect oral health not only ensures perfect smile but perfection in the general health as well. Often parents ignore oral health in children as they feel that child’s first teeth fall off. But for healthy adult teeth, you need to take proper … Read more