Bad oral health can have negative consequences for the entire body. Which means, any problem to your mouth, teeth or gums should not be taken lightly as they may go on to trouble different organs in the body. Poor oral health is often characterized by bacteria which can enter into the bloodstream and cause infection and inflammation of varying intensity. For that reason, you need to take good oral care and keep dental problems away. Any laxity with oral hygiene might put serious risk to your overall health, so stay safe and visit the dentist regularly.

Bad oral health can impact our life in many ways, including –

1. Cardiovascular Disease

Poor oral heath can lead to heart disease. You should know the bacteria resulted from gums disease can enter the bloodstream and cause the arteries to build up plaque. This may also leave you with hardened arteries, which is a serious health condition. And those who suffer from this problem may face heart blockages and blood flow issues. This is how chances of heart attack go up manifold. The same bacteria can also be the reason behind hypertension and greater risk for strokes. The lining of your heart can become infected which often turns fatal in most cases.

2. Diabetes

Studies have confirmed a link between poor oral health and diabetes. In fact, infected gums or periodontal disease are known to cause a lot problems to diabetics. The disease becomes even more difficult to control when you suffer from gum disease. Your sugar levels might go up and symptoms can worsen, which may pose serious health risks. If you’re a diabetic, oral care is then even more important to you in order to keep things under control. If you have poor oral health, there is a greater risk of developing diabetes as your blood sugar levels go up in such condition.

3. Cancer

Risks of mouth and throat cancer are always there for those who follow bad oral health practices such as smoking. Even the use of tobacco products in any form can put you at risk of oral cancer. In fact, gum disease is known to cause other types of cancer as well. Those whose oral health is bad are at increased risk for cancer for kidney, blood and pancreases. So, naturally, your focus should be on staying away from using harmful tobacco products and maintaining your oral health. You must visit the dentist regularly so that any sign of caner is spotted early.

4. Kidney Disease

Those who suffer from bad oral health are more likely to get struck with kidney disease. Such people are also at greater risks of kidney failure or cardiovascular disease. Periodontal disease can lead to kidney issue whose impact can also reach to your heart, bones and blood pressure. In fact, gum disease is known to weaken the immune system and so, infections are natural outcome in such cases. Quite clearly, poor oral health can have some really serious repercussions on your overall health and you must not ignore it ever.

5. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Gum disease can cause Rheumatoid Arthritis. In both the diseases, the common link is inflammation. The risk for developing rheumatoid arthritis becomes higher when someone has gingivitis as it’s when the bacteria causes the inflammation to reach throughout the body. So, if you did not take good care of your oral health, there would be painful arthritis to face. You can thus consult the dentist and know in detail how your oral health is responsible for so many health issues of serious and mostly unavoidable nature.

6. Pregnancy

Gum disease is proven to have serious implications on pregnancy. In fact, pregnant women with gum problems are more likely to deliver pre-term. They are also likely to have a baby with low birth weight. Worse still, cases are reported where such pregnancies have gone on to develop gestational diabetes. More research is happening on this particular subject to identify areas where gum diseases can impact the results of pregnancy. In fact, babies born out of these cases are likely to have a lot of health issues as well. So, pregnant women should always make it a point to visit the dentist regularly and take extra care of their oral health.

7. Foul mouth breath

Lack of oral care can result in bad breath. This is true particularly in cases where people don’t clean their tongue and allow oral problems to strike. They should know that tongue is where the most of bacteria sit on and lead to bad odor. These bacteria can reach to other parts of the body and cause infections and inflammation to pose risk to your overall health. So, there is merit in meeting with dentist in Queens and discussing ways to maintain optimum oral health.