Poor oral health effects the overall body. The way you care for your teeth, gums or mouth can have a big impact on your overall health. In fact, lack of oral care may result in serious health issues of debilitating nature. Any dental problem, whether tooth ache, gum bleeding or bad breath is an indicator of not everything fine with your body. The worst is, bacteria from the mouth may enter into the bloodstream, spread further and cause infection or inflammation. For that matter, good oral hygiene is important coupled with regular visit to your dentist. This is how you can stay healthy by maintaining oral care.

Here are 6 major health issues that are caused by poor oral health –

1. Cardiovascular Disease

Poor oral health may lead to heart disease. This happens in cases where a person has inflamed gum where the bacteria responsible for the problem might actually enter the bloodstream and do the damage. When that happens, the arteries may build up plaque and harden leading to a condition, medically known as atherosclerosis. In this, there is always a risk of heart blockage or flood flow problems so naturally the person will have a greater chance of having a heart attack. In fact, this serious problem may also lead to hypertension and when that happens, the risk for strokes is increased.

2. Respiratory Infections

Like heart problems, poor oral health may also lead to respiratory problems. In fact, if your oral health is poor, there is always a risk to the respiratory system. Here as well, the infected teeth or swollen gums might cause bacteria in mouth which can be breathed into the lungs to pose risk to the respiratory system. The same bacteria can also spread further down the organs or body systems through the bloodstream to pose a variety of other health concerns. Some of major respiratory problems this way may include infections, acute bronchitis, pneumonia, and even COPD.

3. Diabetes

Poor oral health is really tough on the diabetics. Or, put it other way, diabetics can least afford to have poor oral health. In fact, someone suffering from diabetes is more prone to gum infection leading to periodontal disease. Worse still, diabetics with gum problems find it more difficult to manage or control their disease. With gum disease, there is always a risk of blood sugar levels going up making symptoms to worsen. Similarly, gum disease can take the sugar level up in the blood putting you at greater risk of developing diabetes.

4. Kidney Disease

Studies in the past have established a connection between poor oral health and kidney disease. In fact, periodontal disease, like other infections in the body, can cause problem in kidney. Similarly, those who suffer from gum disease tend to have weaker immune system and are more likely to get those infections. Chances are, those with poor oral health may also suffer from kidney disease. Any problem to kidney is not meant to ignore as it can be fatal. So, you should follow oral care routine more diligently in order to avoid kidney problem.

5. Pregnancy Complications

Poor oral health may lead to pregnancy complications. That’s why expectant mothers are supposed to take even greater oral care and maintain superior oral hygiene. Such women are more likely to develop oral infections due to constant hormonal changes that pregnancy causes. And if such ladies develop any infections, this can always put complications with their pregnancy. In fact, they may lead to pre-date birth or low-birth weight in the baby. In fact, there may be other serious risks of pregnant women don’t take proper oral care and develop infection or other oral problems.

6. Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding caused by poor oral health may not look a serious problem on the surface but it can be really debilitating in extreme cases. In most cases, it is mild but when it turns sever or frequent, there is always a risk to your teeth or jaw joints. Pain in the joint, headaches or earaches are some of common problems when someone suffers from teeth grinding. It may make the enamel wear down or tooth becomes sensitive resulting in broken or damaged teeth. You can consult a top dentist in Suffolk County and get rid of the problem.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Studies have proved a strong link between gum disease and rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, inflammation is a common factor between both the diseases. More importantly, those suffering from periodontal disease are four times more like to have the painful and inflammatory arthritis. The same bacteria that cause gingivitis can spread through the body and cause inflammation. This is why poor oral health can have higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. You should consult the dentist regularly, get done oral exams and cleanings so that any gum disease or signs of bacteria in mouth can be spotted and removed easily.