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Write for Us Guest Post Process for Bloggers

Great news! We have again started accepting new guest posts!

However because of the great number of inquiries and costs of maintaining the website we have decided to introduce a fee per guest post for work involved in formatting, proofreading and publishing an article.

You don’t have any budget available? No problem, go here.

This fee will be spent to keep improving the website. We thank everyone who decides to work with us!

Temporarily closed.

for fast reply include a GuestPost within a subject line of the email.

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Guest Post on DentalsReview?

  1. We are a real value adding website with real people coming every month for advice and information. Your guest post will be seen by many of our THOUSANDS readers EVERY MONTH. Here is our Google Analytics last 30 days graph:

2. Are you an expert in SEO besides being a blogger and always look for the website metrics? We got that too. Our Moz Domain Authority is DA25 and growing.

3. We don’t depend on guest posting for website maintenance and fees. Your blog post will be live for many many years ahead into the future.

4. We have business etiquette and are friendly. Working with us is a breeze.

If you have determined from the previous that guest blogging on our website will greatly help promote your own website, you are definitely right!

So, what are you waiting for? Use the above contact form or email and lets get in touch.

(guest post guidelines)

We want to thank you very much for your interest in guest blogging for DentalsReview! We made this guideline to help you with this process.

guest bloggers needed for a website with topics about dentistry
Guest Bloggers Wanted

By writing for us, you become a contributor to the growing resource of dental knowledge and education. You will help us expand further and we are hoping to give you an opportunity to affirm your authority and expertise in the field as well as spread the word about you or your business (or office).

Topics we and our readers are interested in:

To become a writer and be a guest blogger on our website, here are the topics we cover and are interested in:

Dental procedures, oral health, dental diseases, dental education, patient education, dentistry research, dental equipment, materials used in dentistry, oral care products

Guest bloggers are wanted who can write about these subjects. Even if you are just a student, but have a neck for writing we want to give you a chance to voice your knowledge and dental interests to our readers.

Level of content that we accept ranges from beginner to intermediate to the advanced. However, we think that beginner to intermediate writing is best so everyone can understand and not just other dental professionals.

Content originality:

We accept only original content which doesn’t exist anywhere else on the internet. As already knowledgeable on the subject it shouldn’t be difficult for you to write original articles which reflect your unique knowledge and opinion.

Writers are wanted who are able to express their own ideas and knowledge in a clear manner that will benefit the readers.

We always ensure we post original content by using Content Duplication Checking software and manual checking.

You are welcome to quote and refer to your article after publishing. We would appreciate linking back to the article to confirm the original source.

Post formatting details:

Minimum article length should be at least 800 words. This is to ensure a chosen topic will be sufficiently covered to be of use to the reader. Article should deal with only one main topic and explain it. There is no upper word limit.

You are welcome to provide images for your articles. If you don’t have any, we will just add a couple before publishing to make sure article is more interesting to read.

You can include links to resources you want to refer to within the article. This is a great opportunity to refer to your previous writing or your blog or website.

Article should have a heading and one or more subheadings. Clear article structure makes it more enjoyable to read. You can include bold, italic and underline words where appropriate to make your point more clear.

FREE Guest Post Requirement:

You don’t have a budget for guest posting but you can provide great quality content? No problem. Here is what is needed regarding the article:

  • 1500+ words of well researched and informative content about dentistry topic
  • Never published before and original (copyscape passed)

Post submission requirement:

When the article is finished you can submit it via email, in Word document (OpenOffice Writer is a free alternative). If you use different software, let us know so we can see if we can accept article in it’s original software file type.

Before you start to write, please give us a shout out about the topic you want to cover. Just send us an email by using our Contact page. This is to ensure we are on the right track and the content is going to be approved by us for posting. We value your time and want to ensure your writing efforts will be honored by publishing your great piece of content.

Your promotion:

Besides being able to include a link to your website/blog within article, we will also include one link in your Author bio. (Update: Authors bio has been discontinued for new articles) This is a good place to refer to your Facebook and Twitter profile so readers can find you easily and follow you on these social networks. In total, you can include two links that go directly to your website/blog or social network.

Besides Facebook and Twitter supported social networks are Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube and Vimeo. You can use personal or business accounts here.

The rest of the links in the article should lead to other established resourced on the internet (research papers, government websites, academic sources…)

Look at the  example of Author box on our website here.


We reserve the right to use adds and other monetization techniques on the page where article is posted. Also, we may make slight changes to formatting and wording without changing the essence and meaning of the text.

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