Flossing Teeth

Flossing Teeth Benefits

It is very important to clean the gaps between your teeth every day, because that is the first line of defense in the prevention of cavities, bad breath and gum disease. By flossing of teeth, you have access to areas beyond the reach of the toothbrush. Even by using extra thin and soft toothbrushes, their fibers fail to reach all surfaces of the tooth and places where dental plaque accumulate. Interdental spaces between teeth, and especially points where two teeth meet, are the places where these interdental cleaners will help us best.

I Have Never Cleaned The Area Between The Teeth – Is It Too Late To Start To Floss Teeth?

It’s never toot late to start caring for your oral health. Regardless your age, flossing teeth is highly beneficial to your pearly whites and gums, which you fill feel immediately after the process. So, as soon as you begin with teeth flossing, the better effect will be.

What Can You Use To Floss Your Teeth? Flossing Tools

Dental Floss

The dental floss is a thin band which you can wind around your fingers of both hands and drag into the space between your teeth. On the market today, there are many types of teeth floss: waxed, unwaxed, in the form of flat ribbons or thin treads, with fluoride, special types such as superfloss, and others. Simply put, the best dental floss for you is the one you handle the easiest. It may be best to start with the one labeled as “sensitive”, because such floss is softer and gentle in contact with gums.

Interdental Brushes

If you have wide apart teeth, fixed orthodontic appliances, dental bridges or implants – than best interdental brushes can be very useful for you. In these cases, in addition to floss the teeth, use of interdental brushes is also recommended. These brushes have small brushing head at one end of the handle. It can have cylindrical or Christmas tree shape with small soft fibers that are perfect for removing dental plaque and other harmful deposits.

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Water Flosser

Appliances such as water flossers use clean pressurized water jet to clean the spaces between teeth. You can adjust the water pressure to floss the most sensitive areas. Great thing is that these flossers do not just remove plaque from gaps between teeth, but they are strong enough to clean your entire mouth. Instead of water, you can add your favorite mouthwash into the combination for fresh breath that will last all day. However, the use of toothbrush first is necessary to entirely remove all tooth deposits. Read more at our Best Waterpik Review.

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Air Flosser

Similar to oral irrigators, air flossers use air pressure to floss your teeth. Some of them, besides pure air, also can use the combination of air and water in form of micro drops to gently and effectively clean interdental areas and along gum lines. The nozzle is pretty small and handy so you can move it in you mouth to a position that suits you best. With this new blow-out technology you will be able to remove all dental deposits you missed by brushing with toothbrush, leaving your mouth fresh and healthy. See more at  AirFloss vs. Water Floss.

Dental Picks

Another effective and easy way to clean between teeth. Made of wood or plastic, floss picks have triangular shape on the cross-section for easier integration into natural form of interdental space. Only their lateral sides are used to remove dental plaque from adjacent surfaces of the teeth, not the tip. At the same time, the third surface, which forms the base of the triangle, massages of the interdental gingiva which fills the gap between teeth. These picks can be applied when use of dental floss is unsuccessful, such as in people with dentures, bridges and larger teeth, and and as an addition to other flossing methods. Also, many dental picks are made in combination with dental floss on other end of the handle, so you can have best possible care of your teeth and gums in just one product. You can use dental floss pics several times every day – anytime and anywhere! Their package is usually small and practical, so you can wear them in your pocket or purse.