Sulcabrush – an effective teeth flossing alternative

The importance of flossing

Flossing is an essential part of proper dental hygiene, and it should be a keystone of your daily tooth care routine. It is equally important as brushing, but often neglected and done improperly. The number one reason why flossing is so vital is gum health- it is the single best thing you can do for your gums. When doing it with proper technique, floss goes under the gum line, removing plaque. It also gets in between the teeth, and in places, a toothbrush can’t reach. Flossing also makes your toothbrushing more efficient- floss before brushing, and toothpaste will get even farther, allowing better application of fluoride.

However, we have to be realistic- flossing is tedious. It requires the use of both of your hands, requires time and even concentration. It should be done gently, so you don’t damage the gums, and thoroughly, so you get as much plaque as possible. It also requires dexterity, and not everyone can do it. There are people with arthritis, or other hand problems, people with too dense teeth, or those who wear braces or have bridges or implants. All these people will have a hard time flossing with a regular, string floss, and will be forced to use additional tools to perform this essential activity (essential for healthy gums at least).

Flossing alternatives

On the market, there are different solutions for this problem. Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Waterpik and Airfloss are excellent tools which use a jet of water/air to clean the space between your teeth and below your gumline. However, these tools are quite expensive, and not that convenient. They can’t really be carried in your pocket, or your purse just like that.

That is why you need a more practical solution, and interdental toothbrushes might just be the right one for you. These small devices can be easily carried, since they are no bigger than your regular toothbrush, and are quite cheap too, especially compared to more advanced systems like Waterpik and Airfloss. But, that does not mean they won’t do the job, on the contrary. Interdental toothbrushes will clean the teeth equally good as dental floss. Some researches even suggest that interdental brushes clean the teeth better than floss. Interdental brushes are excellent for cleaning the teeth even if you have braces, and they don’t require nearly as much finger dexterity as floss does.

A variation of an interdental toothbrush is Sulcabrush- a toothbrush designed specifically to clean along the gumline, as close to the teeth as possible. Sulcabrush is angled, allowing you to comfortably reach even the hardest to reach places, making it an excellent tool for cleaning between crowns and for people who have crowded teeth and/or braces.

Sulcabrush- the ultimate solution for healthy gum

If you have difficulty flossing, Sulcabrush is for you. Sulcabrush is a perfect alternative for flossing. But, in this case, the alternative is equally good, and research shows, that in some parts of your mouth, Sulcabrush cleans even better than regular floss. It fights plaque buildup, thus helping you prevent, and treat gingivitis, better known as mouth inflammation. Sulcabrush follows the gumline, going along the gingival margin, cleaning the plaque. It will put an end to your gum problems, such as bleeding and will improve your overall oral health. Gingivitis might seem unimportant, but if left untreated, it can spread, and eventually lead to periodontitis, a serious dental condition that will cause tissue destruction and tooth loss. That’s why you shouldn’t push your luck, and add some sort of flossing to your routine.

Be noted; when you start using Sulcabrush, you might notice your gums bleeding even more. But this is normal, it will stop after a couple of days, once they get used to it. After continuous use, you will start noticing longterm results. Keep doing it regularly, combined with regular toothbrushing and mouthwash, and you should finally eradicate any symptoms of gingivitis.

Sulcabrush is especially useful for people who have special needs- those who have braces, crowns, implants or orthodontic bands will have no problem using it.

Is Sulcabrush effective?

The efficacy of Sulcabrush is well documented in multiple studies performed by established institutions such as Columbia University, University of Buffalo, Indiana University and other.

The pointed, arrow-like tip and angled design of the Sulcabrush are what makes it so efficient. This allows it to penetrate the periodontal pockets, allowing you to disrupt the bacterial buildup. This is something that is impossible to do with a toothbrush and can only be done with floss. This bacteria, as noted, causes bleeding, bad breath, tartar, and eventually tooth loss. The good news is that the process is reversible, even if you already have gingivitis- with regular flossing, things will get better, you just have to stay patient and persistent.

1 Sulcabrush Handle and 3 Replacement Tip Packs Bundle
  • You will receive (1) Sulcabrush handle and (3) Replacement tip packs
  • Each replacement pack carries (2) Tips, for a total of (6) Tips
  • Removes plaque. Helps stop bleeding gums.
  • Colors are sent Randomly
  • Gumline massager

Is Sulcabrush an end tuft brush?

End tuft tooth brushes are brushes specifically designed to get to hardest to reach areas. They allow you to clean your wisdom teeth, braces, crowded teeth, surfaces next to missing teeth, as well as implants, bridges, crowns, and similar dental work.

Sulcabrush is a tuft brush. Its two tips are angled, allowing you to quickly reach both inside and outside of every tooth, thoroughly cleaning the plaque.

How to use Sulcabrush?

To use the device correctly, you have to put it in between the teeth, but the trick is to use it vertically, as much as possible. Sulcabrush has tips on both sides, angled differently; one is for cleaning the inside, and other for the outside of your teeth. The idea is to gently go beneath the gumline, by going along the tooth surface. You should subtly wiggle the brush as you move it along, allowing the tips of bristles to slide under the gumline. This might seems complicated, but you will get the hang of it in few tries, and it will eventually take far less time than regular flossing. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to get around the whole tooth, removing the plaque from all sides. But don’t bother too much when you use it the first time- just try to remove as much plaque as possible, from those easy to reach zones; that will be good enough for starters. Trust us, after a few weeks, you will be able to do this even without the mirror, and outside the batroom- like when reading, or watching television. And the best thing about Sulcabrush is the clean feeling it leaves after use- you will feel like you just stepped out of a dentist office, every time you use it.

The handle sits firmly but comfortably in your hand, and you will have total control during the cleaning process.

Where to buy Sulcabrush?

You can find this excellent tool in better-equipped stores and pharmacies, but we recommend buying it online, through Amazon. This is the cheapest way, by far, especially if you buy in bundles. You can find frequent special offers online, and even discount codes. Buying online also lets you read customer reviews, and we advise you to check comments on Sulcabrush. You will find numerous positive feedbacks from an army of satisfied, returning customers who are saying that the Sulcabrush “Is the best thing that happened to my teeth,” and similar praise. You will also find that many dentists recommend it to their patients, which is something you should not overlook. You will hardly find a product with so many positive reviews on the overflooded market of dental products where almost everyone has their own favorite brand, tool or device.

But, if you are still not convinced that you should get it in a bundle, go ahead, and buy Sulcabrush in your local store and test it out for yourself. After the initial purchase, go online, and buy the bundle, you will save a lot. Sulcabrush is affordable, and you can get replaceable tips separately, to save even more, you don’t have to buy the handle every time you need to replace a tip. But, tips are quite durable, and will outlast most dental floss coils.

Sulcabrush Pocket Pack of Manual Toothbrush with Handle and 3 Tips —...
  • Reusable Toothbrush: Comes with 12 reusable brushes and 3 replacement tips for a total of 24 brushes.
  • Double Sided Bristles: Features double sided nylon bristles that clean all tooth surfaces.
  • Adult Oral Hygiene: Great for maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing dental problems.
  • Manual Power: Powered by manual brushing motion for a gentle clean.
  • Plastic Handle: Comes with a plastic handle for comfortable grip and control.


Sulcabrush is really an amazing tool. A perfect choice for people who have problems with regular floss, Sulcabrush penetrates under the gumline, cleaning the bacterial buildup. It will prevent or fight gingivitis, and other dental problems that follow this quite, but nasty disease. Combined with regular toothbrushing, Sulcabrush will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy, and breath fresh. We warmly recommend this excellent device- it is practical and affordable, but also very effective. It beats the floss in every category- efficacy, practicality, comfort, longevity. It beats some other popular options such as Waterpik and Airfloss because it is more convenient, since it does not require tanks nor charging, and is hundred times cheaper. Sulcabrush is unique, and it should definitely find its place in your daily dental hygiene. Just stay diligent, brush your teeth at least twice per day, and include Sulcabrush into your routine- before you know it, bleeding gums and bad breath will be history, and all that will remain will be fresh breath, firm gums, and white smile. Good luck!