Best End Tuft Brush Review – Top 3 Picks

End tuft brushes are special in the lack of a better word. Their unique designs made them the best when it comes to removing plaque from braces, around wisdom teeth, implants, crowns and bridges, or from other hard to reach areas. In addition, they are essential when it comes to brushing teeth in areas where there is a missing tooth. So, in a nutshell, these toothbrushes are dedicated for gentler, more focused teeth brushing.

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1. GUM End-Tuft Tapered Trim Toothbrush

Here is the best end tuft brush there is. First of all, it comes in a package of three, so you will get more than you get with other products of the same kind. Then there is the brush part itself. They are carefully developed for reaching tight and narrow areas in the mouth, they are also able for removing the plaque in severe amounts with a few easy moves. These toothbrushes are just great for people with braces and crowns, after dental surgery procedures and similar. They are also a great choice for those who want to achieve the ultimate oral hygiene.

One, an interesting addition is the hardness of the toothbrushes. They are medium, meaning that they will be suitable for the highest number of users. Those who mainly use hard toothbrushes will benefit from this unit, while those who prefer extra-soft ones will appreciate them as well. Let’s just add that the bristles are heavy-duty, or better said high-quality. Therefore, they will stay like new for a long period of time.

At the end, we can only summarize all the things we have discovered regarding the GUM End-Tuft Tapered Trim Toothbrush. There are three units in the package, all of them feature medium-type bristles and the design is ideal for those who want the best teeth brushing at all times. When it comes to the value for money, it is definitely an advantage. These toothbrushes are affordable, more than equivalent models available right now.


  • Value for money
  • Three units in the package
  • Soft but strong
  • Carefully designed

  • Low number of color possibilities
  • Medium bristles only
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The unit we have here is a bit difficult to explain. First of all, it has a different design compared to other products of the same kind. The head is smaller and the bristles are more detailed than other units have. All of this means that the toothbrush will be more useful than usual and it will be able to remove the plaque from the entire teeth. In order to understand how effective this toothbrush is, you should know that it is especially recommended by the dentists from all over the world. They prefer the small head and the ability to reach even the narrowest places in the human mouth.

Once again we can see the presence of medium bristles. They are not too hard, or too soft, so chances are high that most of you will be perfectly satisfied. The bristles are carefully chosen and securely implemented into the head. What this means is that they will stay useful and in place as long as you need them. Obviously, these toothbrushes should be replaced a more frequently than standard ones, simply due to the lower number of bristles present. Expect to replace it within 1-2 months. But, here we can see another advantage. This product comes in a package of 5 or 6 units, and both of them are more than just affordable. Also, thanks to its easy to grasp handle design, you won’t have any issues with maneuvering the brush in all mouth areas.

Now is the moment to summarize all that we have learned about this toothbrush. It is a premium model, based on the latest generation with the best bristles we have seen until now. It isn’t a coincidence that most dentists recommend this unit as the primary choice to use. Furthermore, we would like to add that people with small mouth, with dental implants and with other issues should use this toothbrush. The combination of the bristles and the dimensions can truly make a huge difference in keeping your teeth clean.


  • Large package
  • Clever design
  • Easy to use
  • Recommended by dentists
  • High-quality bristles

  • Too small, so brushing teeth requires more time
  • Pointed tip may be an issue for some users
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3. Oral-B End-Tufted Toothbrush

If you are looking for a high-end product of this kind, but at the same time you want something special, the model here is just right. This is a bit more special unit. First of all, the design is like nothing else we have seen. It is a completely different and better in some cases. Overall, you will get a futuristic design which looks great and has a few benefits. When it comes to the overall effect, you will have to appreciate the attention to the details. Let’s just say that it is outstanding.

Here we can see another reason why we liked this toothbrush. First of all, there is two-angled head tip which is specially developed for reaching all possible areas in the human mouth. Then we have a rubber element which is implemented on brush head in order to help you massage and stimulate better blood circulation in the gums. Combined together, they offer impeccable teeth brushing at all times. To summarize, the toothbrush we have here is more than just special and developed for users who want the most of cleaning.

Yes, there is a price. It isn’t the most affordable unit out there, but it is definitely worthy of consideration. Basically, you will get one of the best toothbrushes of this kind and the overall quality shouldn’t even be mentioned. After all, this unit is developed and made by the best manufacturer in the industry, so the quality is on the highest level possible. Add the attention to the details we have mentioned and you will be more than just satisfied with this toothbrush.


  • Modern design
  • Rubber element
  • Special tip
  • Strong and durable

  • Expensive
  • Isn’t available in different colors
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Are There Any End Tuft Brush Contraindications?

Due to unique shape and design, almost all end tuft brushes are considered to be too invasive or even dangerous for some people. As such, it is believed that there are some contraindications. The truth is completely different. An end tuft brush is basically the same as standard one, just smaller, so there are no contraindications! It is perfectly safe to use all the time and people of all ages, and after all dental procedures completed. The only thing you should be aware is that these toothbrushes should be used in a gentler manner than traditional ones.

How To Use End Tufted Brush?

As we have mentioned, these toothbrushes are basically the same as standard ones. But, using them requires certain facts to know. In order to assist you with this matter, pay attention to the following section.

Here are the instructions on how and when to use it:

  1. Make a toothbrush wet
  2. Apply toothpaste (low amount)
  3. Clean the hard to reach areas with it. Pay a special attention to areas beneath bridges and around implants.
  4. Make sure you have cleaned every single area in your mouth carefully.
  5. Always use the end tuft brush carefully and slowly.
  6. The design allows you to reach areas which are inaccessible for standard toothbrushes, so use it.
  7. Carefully clean the areas between the teeth and the back.
  8. Wash the mouth and you are done.
  9. Clean the end tuft brush.

As you can see the entire process is basically the same as when using a standard toothbrush. However, try to pay a special attention to the areas between the teeth and beneath the bridges. In a nutshell, these toothbrushes are developed for removing plaque from the areas where other toothbrushes can’t reach.

Where To Buy End Tuft Brush?

There are a lot of places where you can get an end tuft brush. However, the safest of them all is in trusted online shops. There you can find the highest number of models and each one comes with reviews of the users who already tried and use the particular model.

Furthermore, there is an excellent buyer protection some famous online shops offer, so we can deduce that this is the safest place to purchase an end tuft brush.

Is Sulcabrush The Same As End Tufted Brush?

Both types of these two toothbrushes look similar. However, there are some differences. Let’s discover them.

  • Sulcabrushes

They have longer handles and the tip is designed under an angle. As such, they are a bit easier to use, but they cannot reach all the areas in the mouth as the latter type can. The design also makes them great for reaching rear teeth and back areas in the mouth.

  • End Tuft Brushes

They are shorter than the first type and they have a bit longer tip. In essence, they are more precise and they are ideal for reaching even the narrowest areas in the human mouth. This is the main reason why so many dentists recommended them, especially for people with braces and crowns.

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End tuft brushes are great if you have dental implants, bridges or something similar and you want to take care of your teeth. There is no better alternative at the moment and these models are just superb when it comes to ultimate teeth care. What’s more, they are gentle and capable of removing more plaque than any other alternative available today. At the end, we can only recommend them to users who have a need for a small and detailed toothbrush.