Water Flosser vs. AirFloss

We’ve all heard the story million times about how flossing is good for your teeth, and how you must not forget it.  How brushing is not enough to completely clean your teeth and how you need to floss daily in order to prevent diseases.  How floss gets where no toothbrush can and removes plaque more efficiently.  And how it is the go to method for preventing nasty gum diseases such as gingivitis and peridontitis.  How it is also excellent for fighting tartar.  How is fights bad breath and even whitens your teeth. And how it enhances oral hygiene, positively influencing your overall health too.

You hear this over and over again because…  it is entirely correct!!! It is imperative to floss on a regular basis,  and if you haven’t started doing it already you’re losing and risking a lot!  You’re gambling with your own health,  and there is nothing more precious.

But the main reason why every single person hates flossing is that it is just too boring, tedious and uncomfortable.  To floss properly, you need both hands.  in your mouth! And in order to put your both hands into your mouth, you need to yawn really, really hard.  Plus,  even if you don’t have ultra sensitive gums they will probably bleed when you floss them.  And if you do have sensitive gums,  they will definitely bleed.

And it takes too much time to floss properly… It gets even worse if you have implants, braces, crowns or bridges. It was just a question of time when some respectful companies will tackle and solve the flossing problems in a simpler but equally effective way.

Enter Waterpik and AirFloss. These two functional devices solve the biggest problem of regular floss- they are far more comfortable to use.  The most important thing is that they are even more effective in removing plaque.

How Does Water Flosser Work?

As its name suggests, the primary weapon of a water flosser is H2O.  It uses a stream of water to rinse out any plaque or food leftovers stuck in between your teeth. These devices are also known as oral irrigators.

Water flosser is a very efficient device. Water is natural and super safe, and when under pressure and pointed correctly, highly effective in removing everything that is not wanted in between the teeth. All that remains are healthier gums, fresher breath, and a brighter smile.

Many clinical studies have shown that water flossing is even more efficient than regular flossing. Studies claim that the difference is significant- water flosser can remove more than 50% more plaque than a regular, string floss!

But there is more. Regular flossing is so time-consuming, it will take you 3-5 minutes to finish. And it is tricky to do. It requires patience and dexterity. Even more time if you have something like braces or crowns. Water flosser is hundred times easier to use. Fingers/hands in your mouth are history. Also, it is a superb solution if you have braces or implants. A jet of water will get in between and clean everything, safely and effortlessly.

Comfortability is equally important as efficiency. Even if it wasn’t more efficient than regular floss (and it is), water flosser is more comfortable, and that changes everything. If an action is less boring, less time consuming and more comfortable, you are more likely going to do it on a regular basis. And that is the only thing that will keep your bright smile and healthy mouth.

One more thing, water flosser has changeable tips making it a great option for families.

However, there are few drawbacks. Water flossers are a bit messy, and if you are not extra careful, you will have water all over your bathroom! Also, they require water tank and can get quite big. They are not an ideal option for you if you travel a lot. There are some cordless options, but not even those don’t solve the problem. Water flosser uses a lot of water, and it will require frequent refilling.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • More comfortable than regular floss
  • Good for people with braces, bridges, crowns or implants


  • Gets messy, uses a lot of water
  • Big devices, especially when you consider the water tank

How Does Airfloss Work?

Essentially, airfloss is very similar to water flosser.  It operates on a similar principle.  But instead of pouring an enormous amount of water in between your teeth,  it only uses a  tiny bit powered by a strong jet of air.

That has its benefits.  As you have probably figured out the main drawback of water flossers is their messiness.  Airfloss uses almost no water, so there is nothing that can splash over your bathroom. This means no cleaning afterward.  Also, airfloss is a much, much smaller device than a water flosser.  Airfloss is very light too. That means it’s much more mobile and you will be able to carry it around easily. No hoses, cords or water tanks!

Also,  airfloss is, even more, quicker and easier to use than a water flosser. You just point, click, done! And it is equally useful for people who have braces, implants, Bridges or crowns.

There are some flaws though.  First,  airfloss is a newer technology.  Water flossers have been around for a while, and they have built up their reputation.  They are much more clinically tested than air flossers, and people and dentists know much more about them.  They have a proven track record since they are longer in the dental industry. There are far fewer studies about the effectiveness of airfloss.

Second,  airfloss is less powerful than water flows.  The jet stream of water is far stronger than a mix of mostly air and a little bit of water.

And third,  you need to refill your airfloss at least once before you finish cleaning all your teeth.  At least.


  • No mess
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fast and easy to use (quicker and easier than water flosser)


  • Less powerful
  • Needs more refilling

Waterpik vs. Airfloss – Which One Is Better For Cleaning Your Teeth?

We have talked about water flossers and air flossers in general,  but now we will be more specific.  We will confront the best devices of both worlds.

In the blue corner,  we have  Waterpik,  the undisputed champion of water flossers.

And in the red corner, we have his holiness the Philips Sonicare, King of all air flossers.

But only one can be better for cleaning your teeth.  Let’s find out which one it is.

Waterpik is no ordinary water flosser.  It is the ultimate water flosser. In only one minute per day you will have much healthier gums and a brighter smile- so it works fast.  Also,  it is very adjustable since it has ten pressure settings,  so even the people with most sensitive gums will find the right one. No more guessing,  Waterpik has a built in   1-minute timer with a 30-second pacer.  You will know exactly how much time you are supposed to floss. It is extremely powerful since it clears below the gum line, even those areas that regular floss and toothbrush can’t reach. It is well suitable for people who have, braces, crowns, implants or periodontal pockets.

The main advantage of Airfloss is its practicality.  No cords,  no water tanks. Small and super lightweight design plus extreme ease of use equals Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra.   Just point,  click, and the triple burst will take care of the rest.  Healthy mouth, teeth, and gums in no time at all.  Airfloss is as effective as a regular floss, but in far less time and much more comfortable. It is also the only cleaner that is designed to be used with antibacterial mouthwash too,  taking your dental hygiene to another level. Using it with regular water will be okay too. Airfloss combined with proper brushing will improve your gum health in only two weeks, guaranteed.  It is braces friendly too!

Both of these devices are top quality and will not disappoint.  But,  studies show that Waterpik is a better option.  Yes, it is messier and has a hose,  but it simply cleans your teeth more efficiently.  After all, that is all that matters. It is more efficient in all critical areas-  it fights gingivitis better and removes more plaque.

But the main selling point of  Airfloss is mobility, and if that is imperative to you,  Airfloss will be good enough.  Because in the end, the best tool is only the one that you will use regularly.

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In this article, we showed you the benefits of using water flossers and air flossers.  And we have presented you with examples of the best of each kind.

Water flosser, Waterpik,  cleans more completely than Airfloss,  no doubt about it.  So if you can, get a Waterpik,  it is even more effective than regular floss. But if you travel a lot or you are unable to use water pick for whatever reason get Airfloss. Waterpik is more effective, but that does not mean Airfloss is ineffective. It is also an excellent tool. But the most important thing for you is to floss regularly.

Regular floss, Airfloss, Waterpik, whichever you choose, just do it, every day. Your precious teeth will thank you.