Mouthwash For Cavities – Best Tooth Decay Prevention

Protecting your teeth is mandatory! Although, there are so many ways, one of the best is using mouthwash.

Mouthwashes for cavities are a bit special, due to the fact they contain the specific ingredients, including fluoride. This compound affects the weakened enamel and makes it stronger. An interesting fact is that newly formed enamel is stronger than the original. Without fluoride these rinses simply wouldn’t be so effective at all. And do not worry, the amount of fluoride in these solutions is carefully measured and completely safe for your oral and general health.

Another main difference is the ability to kill all the bacteria which cause cavities. These mouthwashes kill Streptococcus mutans (bacteria associated with cavities) and many others, but leave those which are beneficial to oral health. The best mouthwash for cavities must provide all of these and something even more.

  1. CariFree CTx3 Fluoride Rinse Dentist Recommended Mouthwash – Anti-Cavity

CariFree is the best mouthwash for cavities due to a very simple reason. It was developed specifically for this purpose. We liked the ingredients and the substances inside. First of all, it comes with high concentration of fluoride, which as we mentioned is a mandatory ingredient for restoring the strength of enamel. Only this feature is sufficient for most users, but there are a few additional ones you will probably want to be aware of.

pH of this rinse is also elevated, in order to eliminate the acids which cause tooth decay. Still, the mouthwash is pleasant to use and it doesn’t have side effects. In addition, the elevated pH is used for improving the result fluoride will provide with the mineralization process of the enamel.

Xylitol is present as well. The ingredient simply protects the teeth from acids produced by cariogenic bacteria and has a positive effect on the entire process. Overall, this is a complete mouthwash, specifically made to provide the best possible results. Let’s not forget about the fact it helps people who suffer from dry mouth or low saliva issues. And yes, you will also get a fresher breath, due to additional ingredients in the mouthwash.

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It is safe to use and even children age 6 and above can use it without any risk. Although the formula is really strong in repairing teeth surfaces, it is safe and gentle at the same time. It is suitable for people of all ages and with all oral conditions.


  • Elevated pH for better mineralization process
  • High concentration of fluoride
  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Strong versus bad breath
  • Suitable for people with low saliva, dry mouth and countless other issues


  • Must be used for a longer period of time
  • Small bottle


  1. ACT Braces Care Anti-Cavity Fluoride Mouthwash

With the affordable price and the fact you get 2 bottles in the package, this is a great value for money mouthwash. We liked this benefit and we recommend the product to all users who are looking to find the best deal. Obviously, the efficiency this mouthwash has to offer is on a high level. As such, it will help you remove particles and bacteria.

This rinse is specially designed for those who wear fixed braces. Since this group of patients are in greater risk of developing caries, it means that ACT Braces Care mouthwash gives ultimate protection against it. You will have to use it a few times in order to see the first results, but once the mouthwash starts with reaction, the results are going to be better every day. This isn’t all what the product can provide. As a matter of fact, this is just the first benefit of it.

Additional capabilities include prevention of white spots, which are actually hard to prevent using other mouthwashes. The main reason why it is on the list is its ability to strengthen the teeth. This also means that the mouthwash is useful in preventing cavities and several other, possible complications.

While preventing them and increasing the strength of the teeth, the product won’t cause increased sensitivity. It contains no alcohol or any of the chemicals which may damage the teeth or cause irritation of the gums. The flavor is clear mint, but it is a bit less noticeable than other products have to offer.

Freshening the breath is obvious capability. Mouthwash will do it after just one usage, so you can enjoy the fresh breath you actually deserve. Mint flavor is actually beneficial if you are looking for a way to get that amazing feeling in your mouth and you want it to last for a few hours.


  • 2 bottles and large package
  • Prevents white spots
  • Remove particles and most of the bacteria
  • Mild mint flavor
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol or harmful chemicals


  • Too mild flavor
  • Some users think it is too strong to their oral mucosa


  1. Listerine Flouride Rinse Defense Anticavity Mouthwash

Listerine Flouride Rinse Defense Anticavity Mouthwash is a bit stronger product on our list. It contains fluoride which is present in a larger amount than in most, other mouthwashes. Of course, the amount is still safe to use and it cannot cause any complications.

On the other side, the protective effect will be visible in a matter of days, or in other words, sooner than you would get from other mouthwashes of this type. We must add that there are two bottles in a package and they are relatively large (1L each).

Most of the mouthwashes, designed for preventing cavities have an unpleasant taste. It is a product of the mixed active and inactive ingredients. Despite the fact most manufacturers add flavors and try to make it taste different, this is an impossible mission. With the Listerine mouthwash, it looks like they actually did it right. Most of the users reported that the taste is great. It doesn’t cause irritation and it is pleasant to use.

The package is large enough for the entire family, so you can use it for a longer period of time. Some users reported the burning feeling after usage, but this is perfectly normal for mouthwashes of this kind.

At the end, we can summarize that the overall effect is highly satisfactory. It is strong, capable of providing a decent amount of protection and it comes as a great deal. If the strength isn’t an issue for you, this is a great alternative.


  • The taste is stronger and better than other products offer
  • Overall very satisfactory
  • Two bottles in a package
  • A bottle is large (1L) – great value


  • Contains alcohol
  • Causes burning feel to some users


  1. Colgate Phos Flur Anti Cavity Fluoride Rinse

Advanced formula made this mouthwash a desirable choice. This is another oral rinse specially made for those who wear fixed braces and these patients, which we already know, are in the biggest risk of developing tooth cavities. Colgate Phos Flur is actually recommended by most of the orthodontic dentists over the world.

It is made by the best manufacturer in the business, so we expect a lot from it. The main advantage is the ability to prevent early tooth decay. We liked this advantage and we would highly recommend it to all of you who want to prevent tooth decay as soon as possible. So it is very suitable for younger adults to use this mouthwash  while wearing braces.

The advanced formula is effective in reinforcing the enamel. This formula is slightly more efficient than in other products. It is capable of penetrating the first layers of teeth, so the strengthening process is more delicate. Additionally, it prevents white spots, which is also one of rare features. Preventing cavities and increasing the strength of the teeth will be significantly improved within a matter of days.

Still, you will have to use the mouthwash for a longer period of time, just in order to get all the benefits from it.

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Cool Mint
Gushing Grape

Overall, the Colgate Phos Flur Anti Cavity Fluoride Rinse is a great product. It is well-made, it is efficient and it can prevent cavities. A great addition and the main difference is the advantage to protect the teeth while wearing braces. And the fluoride formula is more delicate and more sophisticated than others we were able to find.


  • Great fluoride formula
  • The best mouthwash for individuals wearing braces
  • Prevent early cavities
  • First results are visible within a matter of days
  • Recommended by dentists from all over the world


  • Price is high


  1. Natural Dentist Kids Cavity Zapper Fluoride Rinse

At the end, we haven’t forgotten the children either. Mouthwashes for children which must prevent cavities are also rare but they do exist. This one is one of those which we gladly recommend. It has all the advantages products for adults have, but it is a bit gentler. When it comes to safety, it is extraordinary.

Most children reported high satisfaction rates and most of them continue to use it for a longer period of time. A great addition is the fact it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or alcohol

Your child’s teeth will become stronger and better protected from the cavities and bacteria acids which cause teeth diseases.

Another thing that must be mentioned is the ability to provide all of its advantages, without the loss of efficiency in children who wear braces. It is actually possible thanks to the formula the manufacturer chose. Keep in mind that the formula is capable of reaching narrow and tight places in the mouth. We liked this benefit and it made the mouthwash almost perfect.

Additionally, we will share with you the fact fluoride is made from natural ingredients. It is more beneficial to the teeth while remaining the strength.

Berry flavor is different than other products offer. It is gentler and very pleasant. Most children like it and they prefer using it, which is a good thing. However, this cannot be generalized, so it depends on their personal taste.


  • Perfect for children who wear braces
  • Superb formula
  • Ingredients are high-quality and safe
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol


  • Berry flavor may take some time from your kid to get used to it
  • Just one bottle in package

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If you are looking for the best mouthwash for cavities which is well-made and efficient, choose the CariFree. Overall, it is the best and the mouthwash we prefer. It doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or any other chemical which may have a negative effect on the teeth health. On the other hand, you will get plenty of benefits. Your teeth will be protected from cavities and your breath will be perfectly fresh. We will add the fact that other products are also the best in their own class. You won’t make a mistake choosing them.

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