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Welcome to best natural mouthwash review. Fights against oral bacteria and bad breath are ones of the most common battles we must fight every day! Probably most of you will try mints, a chewing gum or something else in order to solve it as quickly as possible. And this is fine if you got yourself in a sudden situation such as a business meeting or a date. On the other hand, some of you will use mouthwashes. Overall, on the long run, they are the ideal solution for these types of issues.

However, some products of this kind are not great. They contain ingredients which can harm your oral tissues! For instance, alcohol can irritate teeth and cause several unpleasant side effects. Luckily, natural mouthwashes do exist. So pay close attention because every best natural mouthwash from this list is made only from natural ingredients, therefore it is 100% safe to use.

  1. Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Anti Gingivitis Rinse Peppermint Twist

Almost all what you should know about this mouthwash is present in its name. As you can see, it is natural product actually developed by the dentist! As such, we expect a lot from it and this mouthwash is capable of providing it. First and foremost, all the ingredients come from nature and all of them are 100% safe. There are no artificial chemicals or substances which may have side effects. The formula actually consists of herb extracts which are proven to be beneficial for the oral health.

Aloe Vera

Great addition to this rinse is 20% of Aloe Vera which has proven abilities to sooth inflamed oral tissues.

Perhaps some of you believe that the strength of this mouthwash isn’t special or even that it is ‘’weak’’ alternative to more commercial products. In reality, the situation is completely different. The mouthwash is made to treat bleeding gums and gingivitis and this benefit has been proven in several clinical trials. Probably the highest number of users will have the problem in question, so the mouthwash in question is recommended. Besides the bleeding gums, this product is beneficial in preventing and treating bad breath. Herb extracts are stronger and more efficient in treating the last issue here!

At the end, we must repeat that this oral rinse is stunning no less. It comes with a great formula, the bottle is just right sized (500ml), it has pleasant peppermint taste and the overall result to provide is above the average. It must be mentioned that there are no artificial chemicals or substances in the mouthwash, nor they have been used during the manufacturing process.


  • Completely natural formula with 20% Aloe Vera
  • Suitable for treating bleeding gums
  • Treats gingivitis
  • Truly helpful in eliminating bad breath
  • Value for money
  • Doesn’t cause side effects to the oral health


  • Slow results in severe cases
  • Taste is better than usual, but you will still need time to get used to it


  1. JASON Natural Healthy Mouth Naturally Bacteria-Fighting Mouthwash

Inspired by nature and made by people who don’t like artificial chemicals, this mouthwash is a very appealing choice. The list of ingredients is long, but we will mention the most important ones. It all starts with the perilla seed and grapefruit seed extracts. They are used to reduce tartar buildup and they actually work.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is added to protect the teeth cavities and Aloe Vera is added to reduce the irritation of the gums. Combined, all of these ingredients make the mouthwash extremely efficient.

For eliminating bad breath from your mouth, clove and cinnamon are present. Thanks to them, you will have a wonderful smile and your teeth will be healthier than ever. Bad breath will be finally eliminated and will become a thing of the past. We can add that the mouthwash is useful in most cases and it won’t cause irritation or anything similar. In essence, this is a great natural mouthwash for all individuals who prefer ingredients Mother Nature made.

The name of the brand is actually JĀSÖN and it refers to ‘’healer’’ from the Greek language. This was the choice of the founders who tried to produce products made from natural ingredients specifically. Even today, we can say that they follow the same path and that their products, including this one, are a rarity on the market. You won’t make a mistake if you choose it and your oral hygiene will be completely protected. In addition, the manufacturer claims that rinsing the mouthwash, only 2 times per day for 20 seconds is highly advised for best results.


  • Contains grapefruit and perilla seeds for reducing tartar build-ups
  • Aloe Vera extract is implemented for reducing gum inflammation
  • Actually prevents bad odor and improves oral health
  • The brand in question makes only natural products


  • Isn’t suitable for individuals with too sensitive teeth
  • Shouldn’t be used if you have mouth ulcers


  1. Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Wicked Fresh Mouthwash

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Wicked Fresh Mouthwash is all about nature. First fact you should know is that there are no artificial colors, flavors or anything that doesn’t come from nature. All ingredients are natural, pure and safe to use. Then we have the addition of Zinc, which is beneficial for boosting the effect on the bad breath this mouthwash has. Flavor oils and Zinc are paired to prolong freshness in your mouth and to eliminate bad breath for a longer period of time.

In general, this product is one of the best for the duration of freshness it provides. If we add the lack of alcohol and other, artificial ingredients, we can fully understand why it is on our list and why it is one of the best products of this kind. Regardless of how long and how frequently you use the mouthwash, you won’t get burns inside the mouth or any other complication. In other words, fresh breath is easy to get and maintain.

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Wicked Fresh - Cool Mountain Mint
Wicked Fresh - Peppermint Wave
Cleansing - Spearmint
Cleansing Baking Soda - Peppermint
Fluoride Anticavity - Juicy Mint
Children's Fluoride Anticavity - Juicy Mint
Tartar Control- Peppermint
Baking Soda - Spearmint
- Cinnamon
Oral Moistening - Fennel
Anticavity Fluoride for Dry Mouth - Lemon-Lime

The flavor is Mountain Mint and actually better than other mouthwashes have, due to the fact most ingredients are delivered from the leaves from mint plants. As such, you can feel the freshness and pleasant aroma the first time mouthwash hits your tongue. Don’t forget that in a single package, you get three bottles (473ml each) of mouthwash.


  • Powered with Zinc for fresher breath
  • Freshness last very long
  • Flavor is one of the best
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol or any artificial ingredient
  • Great value for money – 3 bottles in a package


  • Bottle is too complicated to use for children
  • Some individuals reported teeth pain


  1. Oral Essentials Mouthwash Fresh Breath 16 Oz. Non-Toxic Alcohol/Sugar Free Dentist Formulated

Dead Sea Salt

Here we have another mouthwash which is patented by dentists and actually tested in several clinical trials. The results are phenomenal. In the short words, the combination of the ingredients made this mouthwash a real pleasure to use. Then we have the addition of Zinc and Dead Sea Salt. You may not know that this is the most potent salt in the world and it is highly beneficial, due to a variety of minerals it contains. It is a real pleasure being able to use a product with this advantage.

When it comes to formula, it is above the average. There are no additives, artificial colors, BPA, alcohol or even sugar. In essence, the formula is perfectly safe to use for a longer period of time and it is highly beneficial for people with sensitive teeth and gums. Yes, it is slightly different than other products here have, but it doesn’t cause side effects and it is almost equally beneficial. In addition, the taste is different as well, but most users don’t have issues getting used to it.

Something interesting about this product is associated with the way how it works. The mouthwash is more focused on maintaining the balance of bacteria in human mouth than on killing all of them. This is actually a wiser approach. Furthermore, manufacturers don’t use extracts, but essential oils. According to their research, essential oils are far more potent and beneficial.


  • Contains highest-quality essential oils and Zinc
  • The best salt in the world is incorporated
  • Works by maintaining an ecosystem in human mouth
  • Rich in minerals


  • Slightly more expensive
  • May temporarily cause the sensation of dry mouth


  1. TheraBreath Dentist Formulated Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

TheraBreath Dentist Formulated Fresh Breath Oral Rinse is the best natural mouthwash money can buy. TheraBreath natural mouthwash bottle greenIt is beneficial and has a unique set of advantages. Let’s begin with 2-decade old recommendation by dentists from all over the globe. It simply means that the mouthwash is one of the best you can find today and it has been one of the best in the past. Then, it has the unique ability to kill bacteria which produce sulfur, most responsible for smelly breath. In general, the formula is beneficial for killing most of the bacteria which cause a bad breath. Elimination of the bad breath in the morning and bad breath caused by food is guaranteed with this oral rinse.

One of the main advantages is the duration itself. Once used, the mouthwash will stay active for 24 hours. This is a rare and highly superior advantage. We liked it a lot and we believe that it is one of rare products which offer this type of advantage. Don’t forget to use it 2-3 times per day. You will certainly have plenty of mouthwash, considering you get 2 bottles in the package.

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Icy Mint powered by Oxygen
Grape Anti Cavity for KIDS with Fluoride and Xylitol
Peppermint PLUS powered by Oxygen and Green Tea
Mild Mint powered by Oxygen
Perio Therapy Alcohol Free
Soothing Chamomile
Tingling Mint

Another, rarer advantage this mouthwash has to offer is the ability to neutralize bad breath caused by cigarettes. All smokers know how difficult this may be, so for smokers, this is probably the best choice here. Of course, the formula is still natural, otherwise, it wouldn’t be on our list. It is safe to use and it is beneficial for children and adults.


  • 2 decades success rate
  • Recommended by many dentists and healthcare providers
  • 2 bottles in the package
  • Eliminates bad breath caused by cigarettes and food
  • Once used the effect will last 24 hours


  • Taste is strong
  • May temporarily affect how food tastes

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TheraBreath is the best natural mouthwash here and it is highly recommended to all users who are looking the best way to eliminate bad breath caused by cigarettes, food or simply to eliminate bad breath in the morning. The effect lasts 24 hours, which is definitely impressive. It is important to mention that it doesn’t contain artificial ingredients. As a matter of fact, all products from the list are all-natural products, without a single chemical from the laboratory.

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