Stem cells are the basic cells of the human body. And from them all tissues are formed. However, they have the ability to transform into specific tissues during life. This means that they represent a kind of “reserve” for the recovery of damaged tissue. In theory, they can renew the heart, liver, spinal cord, and enable the blind to see, the handicapped to walk…

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Each milk tooth contains about 15 million of multi-purpose stem cells

imageThey are becoming each day more important pieces in a modern medicine. While at the same time, the range of diseases where they can be used as a cure is ever wider. These cells, that are found in human the body, represent a chance for healing numerous of diseases and injuries that current medicine had failed to cure so far. The loss of milk teeth is a significant moment in the life of a child. Many parents want to remember it. But that can be also very useful.

Scientists have found out that milk teeth, especially during their biological shifts with permanent teeth, are a source of so called pulp stem cells. They can be used in the healing of diseases. They are extracted from primary teeth and are first discovered in 2003 at the U.S. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

4336_originalThe deciduous teeth are the second chance for children whose parents did not store these important cells from the umbilical cord upon their birth. They can be processed and preserved from baby teeth during their physiological shifts with permanent teeth. What is important is that the teeth are vital (healthy, without fillings and cavities).

The application of stem cells is already used in the regenerating of the damaged heart tissue. For example after a heart attack. There has been a success in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and can be seen as a chance to walk again people who had become disabled due to physical damage.

In addition, the scientists are daily examining the possibility of their using for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and other neurological diseases.

There is no reason why you would not keep them safe. They may carry the benefit for your entire family!

source-dental-stem-cellsFurthermore, from 2011 in the United States is allowed transplantation of embryonic stem cells in the human brain. The first use was in children suffering from a deadly genetic disease. It goes without saying that the bone marrow stem cells are used for more than 30 years for the treatment of cancer. Mostly in patients with leukemia and tumors of the lymphatic system.

In some European countries, so far have been reported cases of using them to regenerate heart tissue after a heart attack. Also in the cases of multiple sclerosis. Thus, in early December 2011 at the Military Medical Academy of a south European country, for the first time in this country, made stem cell transplantation to a patient who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Thanks to this intervention that the patient starting from the complete disability is supposed to walk with the aid of a stick. And also to be able to feed himself! That they are almost doing wonders, shows the fact that the team of Korean scientists in November 2010 injected them to a female patient. That patient due to physical injuries of the spine was unmovable for 19 years. According to official medical reports, today she is healthy and can walk normally.

Moreover, stem cells in the future could be used to improve the formation of red blood cells. Besides that they could solve the problem of blindness, lack of teeth, baldness, and even growth!

The future of stem cells research

stem-cellRegarding the blindness, experimental transplantation of stem cells were performed in people who had impaired vision. With this technique in the Royal Hospital in England, doctors managed to regain sight of forty patients. With  their direct insertion in the thymus (chest) to people with really short height problem, the growth could be improved. In this way, they would secrete substances that encourage other cells to work and further develop. Stem cells could be used for obtaining the whole organs. Such as liver, kidneys, eyes, heart, and even parts of the brain. However, these possibilities are still at the theoretical level and represent a major challenge for scientists.

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