It won’t be possible to find reviews of great toothpastes without discovering Crest name is on the list. The Crest 3D toothpastes certainly have to offer a lot. First of all, this brand is one of the oldest form the United States. They have been among us since 1955. Then, we have ingredients, tests, surveys and a lot more, all in order to provide the best toothpaste for users. This 3D white toothpaste is also highly appreciated by the users who have already tried it!

Crest 3D White and Its Development

Radiant Mint Flavor

We mentioned that Crest uses scientific research and studies in order to make their products better and better. The toothpaste here is one of those which have been developed according to a proper scientific research. In addition, some of the best minds in the business work for Crest, so we should expect more and we do, by the way.

Over the years, this brand has been improving and working on further development of products which should be more effective than the rival ones. It looks like they made a perfect deal with 3D toothpaste. Not only it has been properly developed, but it was tested in clinical studies as well. Crest conducted several types of research and surveys to discover the overall satisfaction rate of the users. We will only say that the rate is high.

The main point of this information we provided to you is to realize Crest 3D White toothpaste has a huge potential. It is far more than ordinary products of this kind and it is a bit special. Luckily, it has plenty to offer. We will see some of the main features and advantages below.

Intrinsic Whitening Feature

Perhaps it sounds complicated or unknown, but this feature is one of the top reasons why we appreciate the toothpaste here. It means that once you are done with teeth brushing, you should wait for only one hour to see the first result. This is possible due to a simple fact. The active ingredients form the toothpaste will clean the exterior of the teeth, the first layer of enamel, but they will also penetrate beneath the surface.

In 60 minutes, you can expect whiter teeth and perfectly clean mount in general. Another, related fact to know is that this toothpaste removes 80% or more stains, which is impressive no less. This applies to the old and fresh stains, regardless of their main cause. So, you will be able to use a toothpaste which is probably the quickest in reaching its potential than any other product! In addition, the feature here made the Crest 3d White perfect when you are in a rush, but you need perfectly clean and white teeth.

Seal Technology is implemented as well. Basically, it allows to the users to keep their teeth through a day, by eliminating slip up grips. You probably know that this is an important addition and a desirable one. You will notice it the first time you try the toothpaste.

Mild Mint Flavor

It is important to add that the toothpaste doesn’t have a negative effect on the teeth. It won’t damage the enamel nor will it cause any of other issues. The secret lies in the carefully selected formula. This is the obvious reason why Crest invests so much in proper research. Your teeth or better said the enamel will be fully protected during and after teeth brushing. Although, here we have another related feature, which we will include as soon as possible.

Some of you who may wonder should you switch from this to conventional toothpaste at some point, the answer is no. The Crest 3D White has all the ingredients needed for perfect teeth brushing and it can be used as primary toothpaste indefinitely.

Reduces Sensitivity and Fights Plaque

Here at Crest 3D White toothpaste review, we must include that this toothpaste fights plaque better than other products of the same type. Once again, the secret is in the Sodium Fluoride. It contains 0.24% of it, which is slightly higher than other toothpastes have. As the end result, you will get strong teeth without plaque. This is directly linked to the healthier teeth.

Foaming Clean Flavor

If you have sensitive teeth, then the next ingredient is the one you need. It is Hydrogen Peroxide and it is present in 10%. What it does is whitens your teeth, and its amount is quite enough to do so, and at the same time, still small enough not to cause sensitivity. After all, we have revealed that Crest 3D makes your teeth already whiter within one hour. Of course, for better results, you will have to continue with the process. Although it may sound impossible, the toothpaste actually works and very visible results can be noticed within a few days. There is no need in telling you that this ingredient is beneficial for many other ways – such as killing some harmful bacteria as well!

Here we can summarize some of the basic advantages the Crest 3D White has to offer. It will remove plaque and maintain your teeth perfectly clean, while at the same time it will reduce sensitivity. All of you who have had a severe problem finding a toothpaste which is just right, now know what to do.

Just to add, some of the ingredients in the toothpaste are actually used by dentists. Furthermore, they recommend this toothpaste! Maybe it sounds impressive, but this is actually standard and well-known advantage of Crest. Their ingredients are shared and commonly used by dentists across the world.

Protects Your Teeth

Arctic Fresh Flavor

All Crest 3D White toothpaste reviews have proven that the toothpaste is great for protecting the teeth on several levels. First one is a feature we mentioned earlier. The ingredients and the formula, in general, will protect the enamel. But, at the same time, it will make the enamel stronger and capable of withstanding additional stress.

Then we have the ability to prevent further stains. It is more than just effective and we should add that this is one of the most efficient toothpaste with this feature overall.

The last but not least is the fact the Crest whitening toothpaste prevents cavities. Once again, it is more than just successful in the prevention of this, severe matter. Here we should mention that the reason for that is a formula which contains hydrogen peroxide. Besides the fact it reduces sensitivity, it also reduces the risk of cavities. Addition: According to a survey, 80% of the users noticed much lower cavity-related issues since they have been using this toothpaste.

In essence, we have a formula which is powerful enough to eliminate all the threats that may harm your teeth, but it won’t have a side effect on the teeth themselves. Furthermore, the formula is safe for individuals who will soon have a dental procedure or recovering from one. After a procedure, a dentist may recommend you this toothpaste, so you can understand how safe it actually is.

Available In Different Flavors

Most of you want a toothpaste of some brand or a product with specific features, like this one for example. The main issue occurs when you discover there is only one flavor or there are multiple ones, but the differences are minimal, so basically there is just one.

Crest 3D White isn’t one of them. It is available in Foaming Clean, Mild Mint, Arctic Fresh and Radiant Mint flavors. All of them are completely different and you will be able to notice that. By offering this advantage, Crest aims for a wider field of users. After all, it is a much better when you can get a flavor you want.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be mentioned, but we will still add it. All the flavors feature the same formula, meaning that there are no differences whatsoever in the efficiency and the features we explained above. All the flavors can be used by users with sensitive teeth without any complication as well. Crest toothpaste cost is generally affordable, which translates directly to the flavors. Yes, there are some differences in the price, but they are minimal. In essence, all flavors are more than just affordable.


  • Capable of providing whiter teeth within only 1hr
  • Very sensitive and efficient
  • Recommend by dentists
  • Remove old stains and prevent forming of new ones
  • Protects your teeth from cavities
  • Strong long-lasting fresh breath
  • Reasonably affordable if you take into account the features

  • Still, there are toothpastes better in the terms of sensitivity
  • If you suddenly stop using it, and continue to consume a lot of colored foods & drinks, your teeth may gain back darker shade than it used to be
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Does Crest 3D White toothpaste work? Not only it works, but it is currently one of the best toothpastes on the market. When it comes to the features, it is loaded with it. First, it will make your teeth whiter within a matter of days (the first result is visible in one hour), then, it will remove plaque and protect the teeth. In addition, it will make your teeth stronger as well. Overall, this toothpaste is superb in any way possible. The toothpaste is suitable for sensitive teeth and there are no any complications with its use. The bottom line is simple. If you are looking for a toothpaste which is safe, strong and efficient, Crest 3D white is just perfect for you. If you are looking for the most sophisticated toothpaste, then it is still the best choice.