Cool Teeth Whitening Strips Review – Affordable For Use at Home


Cool Teeth Whitening Strips

Sensitive Teeth and Gums Whitener Band Kit best distinguishes itself by two important points. First is definitely the price of the product. Compared to other whitening strips with 28 pieces in the package, these cost significantly less.

The other important point is that these whitening strips are suitable for people with very sensitive teeth and gums. They are so mild to the teeth and gums that even people who had felt excruciating pain with standard Crest 3D whitening strips, felt literally zero pain with this Sensitive Teeth and Gums Whitener Band Kit.


Ingredients that go into Cool Whitening Strips


The main ingredient is baking soda. In the package there are 28 strips which is intended for the 14 treatments. So, the total treatment time will be 2 weeks if you use one pair of whitening strips every day. Plan ahead when using Cool Teeth Whitening Zero Peroxide Strips, so that you avoid teeth staining foods and drinks for these two weeks.

Baking Soda is the main ingredient in Cool Teeth Whitening Strips

Do not brush teeth before applying these strips. You can floss them and rinse before beginning, that’s ok. But after using them, it is recommended to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth.

The main reason why they are so good for people with sensitive teeth is that these whitening strips contain zero peroxide. And the main ingredient is, believe it or not, baking soda which whitens teeth as effective as other peroxide chemicals in lower concentration.

What Can You Find in the Box – Review of the Contents


A professional Teeth Shade Guide to help you determine improvement when using Cool Whitening Strips

In the box you will also find the shades chart which you can use to compare the effectiveness of the treatment. Find the well lit area and note the color of your teeth before you begin treatment, and after the treatment is finished find out how much improvement did you get.

Upper and Lower Cool Whitening Strip

When you finish the treatment for the first 24-48 hours afterwards do not drink or eat anything that could stain your teeth. The reason being is that dental tubules or pores on your teeth are very sensitive to staining as they become and stay open for this period of time.


Here is the introductory video for the Cool Teeth Whitening brand:

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Here is how you use Cool Teeth Whitening Strips – Instructions:


  1. With your hands dry, first fit the lower strip carefully following the gum line and press against the teeth. After that, fold the remaining part of the strip over the edge of teeth.
  2. Use the same procedure to put on the whitening strip on the upper row of teeth.
  3. The application time is 15-30 minutes and after it expires remove the strips and dispose of them.
  4. After the treatment is finished clean your mouth and remove the gel from your teeth.

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