You can have many different, and good reasons to switch to a natural toothpaste. After all, toothpaste is something that you put in your mouth and on your precious teeth multiple times a day. Yes, we know that you don’t swallow it (at least we hope so!) but still, if you look at the ingredients of common toothpastes, you have a lot to see.

Many of those chemicals can be found in detergents, anti-freezes etc. Not exactly the stuff you want yourself, your children or other loveones to accidentally swallow.

Even fluoride, the go-to ingredient of every toothpaste for decades, is found to be toxic, and is no longer wanted nor recommended. So, if you don’t want to gamble with your health, or you just like things to be as natural as possible, getting a new natural toothpaste is a good idea.

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5 Best Natural Toothpastes

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1. Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil and Neem Toothpaste

This toothpaste has an excellent combination of two great ingredients – Tea Tree and Neem. Both of these are known to be anti-septic and have been used for centuries because of this effect. In India, neem is also known as “toothbrush tree”- you will hardly find a better reference for any ingredient than this nickname.

Neem Leaves

Besides Tea Tree Oil and Neem, this natural toothpaste contains Baking Soda, also known to be good for your dental health (has whitening effects too). It is flavored with the essential Wintergreen Oil, for that fresh feel.

Tea Tree Oil

If you are concerned about fluoride, or allergic to gluten, no worries – Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil and Neem Toothpaste is both fluoride and gluten free.

The whole formula of this natural toothpaste is designed not to be too aggressive and abrasive. But  Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil and Neem Toothpaste is effective, and your teeth and mouth will feel fresh after you brushing.

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Tea Tree Oil & Neem - Wintergreen
Tea Tree Oil - Mint
Tea Tree Oil - Fennel
Neem & Cinnamint - Mint
Tea Tree Oil - Ginger

However, there is one ingredient that some people may find unwanted – Carrageenan. It is known to create problems, but only when swallowed in large amount, and only for people with extremely sensitive digestive tract. But for most of you, this Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil and Neem will be an excellent choice for a natural toothpaste.


  • Great blend of ingredients
  • Contains both natural Tea Tree Oil & Neem
  • Fluoride, SLS and gluten free
  • Non abrasive

  • Contains Carrageenan which can aggravate digestive system when swallowed by sensitive people[/one_half_last]

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2. Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste – Creme de Peppermint

If you are environment aware, and love natural products, Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste – Creme de Peppermint  is definitely for you. And it is USA made! Nature’s Gate company does things the right way. They use only 100% recycled paper for packing their products, and they make sure that none are tested on animals.


But, Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste – Creme de Peppermint is not only “green”, it is a great toothpaste too. First, if you are just switching to a natural toothpaste, you will appreciate Nature’s Gate Creme de Peppermint as it smells, looks and tastes almost the same as other non-natural  toothpastes. Also, familiar peppermint flavor is something that many common toothpastes share, and you will feel right at home, even if you are using natural toothpaste for the first time.

Nature’s Gate is honest, it clearly says that it is 97% natural. But it is more than good enough, especially when you look at Creme de Peppermint a little bit closer. This toothpaste is fluoride free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free, does not contain any added sweeteners, no Paraben and no Carrageenan. It is good to know that it is also vegan, non-GMO and gluten free. And like mentioned before, as other Nature’s Gate products, Creme de Peppermint is not tested on animals, so it is completely cruelty free.

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Creme de Peppermint
Creme de Anise
Creme de Mint
Cool Mint Gel
Wintergreen Gel
Creme de Cinnamon
Whitening Gel
Cherry Gel for Kids

But, the strongest side of this toothpaste, carries a small flaw. In order to make it feel like other, non-natural toothpastes, and to make it foam up better, they have added Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate. This chemical is not toxic, but some people have slight concerns over it. Be aware, this is not the dreaded SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), Nature’s Gate Creme de Peppermint does not contain it!


  • Fluoride & Carrageenan free
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free
  • No sweeteners
  • Feels like a strong, tasty regular Peppermint toothpaste

  • Contains Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate[/one_half_last]

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3. Redmond Earthpaste Natural Non-Flouride Toothpaste

Redmond Clay

Redmond Earthpaste plays it simple, only five ingredients – purified  water, Redmond clay, real salt, xylitol and essential oils. This is a simple but effective formula, making  Redmond Earthpaste Natural Non-Flouride Toothpaste one of the best natural toothpastes around.

The key ingredient of this toothpaste, Redmond Clay, is known for centuries. It has proven benefits for digestive health, but it also has positive effects on dental health too. Redmond Clay counteracts acidic levels in your mouth, and thus prevents forming cavity. When combined with purified water, it creates a creamy paste, making it suitable for brushing your teeth. All of those who have problem with cavities should also check out our Best Toothpaste for Cavities Review!


Xylitol, extracted from non-GMO birch and corn, keeps your mouth’s pH level normal, and kills off bacteria. But, if you prefer a toothpaste without Xylitol, Redmong Earthpaste has an option for you too.

You get to choose your flavor, all coming from different essential oils – Wintergreen, Tea tree, Menthol, Lemon, Peppermint, Spearmint and Cinnamon. This much variety means that Redmond Earthpaste certainly has the right toothpaste for your taste.

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Lemon Twist

Only having 5 ingredients means that  Redmond Earthpaste is all natural, and that it has no fluoride, glycerine, SLS or other foaming agents, nor any other more or less toxic chemicals.

But, there is a slight concern about it – since it contains natural clay, it might have lead in traces. And that’s it, nothing more than that. But, it has to be mentioned.


  • Completely Natural
  • Five simple ingredients
  • No fluoride, no SLS & no Glycerine
  • No artificial colors
  • Comes in five great tastes – Lemon, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon and Spearmint

  • Might contain lead in traces[/one_half_last][divider style=’centered’]

4. Uncle Harry’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste – Peppermint

Uncle Harry’s products have a strong and long history of great natural products. This proven track record makes choosing  Uncle Harry’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste – Peppermint a no-brainer.

Bentonite Clay

The first thing you notice when you look at Uncle Harry’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste is it’s package – it comes in a jar. This is something that is not typical, and some might think that it is unhygienic, if you need to dip your toothbrush into it, or not so practical if there is some other special method to extract it. But rest assured, it is perfectly hygienic and safe to dip your toothbrush into the jar, since uncle Harry’s  natural toothpaste has strong anti-septic essential oils.

Sea Salt

One of the main benefits of  Uncle Harry’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste – Peppermint that many users cite is how refreshing and clean your mouth and teeth feel after brushing. Many other natural toothpastes are lacking this “clean” feeling. Some people even say that it helps whiten their teeth too!

Uncle Harry’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste encourages remineralization of the enamel, and it neutralizes bacteria and acids, strengthening your teeth and keeping pH levels neutral.

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Whitening Polish
For Kids

Main ingredients of this toothpaste are Bentonite clay, sea salt and pure plant essences. Uncle Harry’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste – Peppermint is also gluten/glycerine/fluoride free, and completely vegan.


  • Completely natural toothpaste
  • Feels good and clean after brushing
  • No gluten, no glycerine & no fluoride
  • Vegan
  • Packaged in practical jar

  • No real cons, only some people don’t like the jar packaging[/one_half_last]

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5. Himalaya Neem and Pomegranate Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

This is another toothpaste that contains neem, “the toothbrush tree”. This ancient ingredient is well-known for having strong benefits on dental health.

Besides Neem Himalaya natural toothpaste contains pomegranate, Triphala and Xylitol from birch. All these ingredients make Himalaya Neem and Pomegranate Fluoride-Free Toothpaste a great option if you want healthy teeth, gums and great overall oral health. Also, brushing with Himalaya will leave you with pleasantly refreshed breath.

What Himalaya natural toothpaste doesn’t contain is equally important – it doesn’t contain any fluoride, saccharin, SLS, artificial colors nor fragrances, and it is not tested on animals. Himalaya, more than 85 years old company, uses only organic ingredients for their products, so no GMO in this toothpaste.

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Neem & Pomegranate
Complete Care - Simply Cinnamon
Complete Care - Simply Mint
Complete Care - Simply Spearmint
Complete Care - Simply Peppermint
Active Fresh
Bright White
Complete Care

But, if you are new in the natural toothpaste world, starting with Himalaya Neem and Pomegranate Fluoride-Free Toothpaste can be harsh. It has a strong natural taste, and it takes some time getting used to, so if you are a natural toothpaste rookie, you may find adjusting to Himalaya a little bit chalenging. Luckily there are other not so intense flavors from the same brand you may want to try first.


  • Organic paste
  • No Fluoride, no Saccharin & no SLS
  • Intense yummy Pomegranate taste

  • Strong taste to some people, takes time getting used to[/one_half_last]

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Related Products

Complementary to natural toothpastes are best natural mouthwash. You’ll may also want to read about best fluoride free toothpastes for more less chemically derived dental products.


There is a lot to choose from when it comes to natural toothpastes. In this article we have presented you with 5 options that we think are the best. All are different in their own way, but they all share one thing- quality. No matter which one you choose, you will not be disappointment.

But, if we had to choose only one, we would choose Uncle Harry’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste – Peppermint. This toothpaste basically has no flaws. Only simple ingredients, no nasty chemicals, good taste, good feel- it has all that you need, and it is completely natural. The only “con” is that it comes in a jar, but it will take you 2 minutes to get used to it.

And since many of you are reading this text because you want to switch to organic toothpaste for the first time, our 2nd recommendation would be Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste – Creme de Peppermint. Yes, it contains Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (remember that it is not the notorious SLS!). But it’s taste, foaming and general feel are closest to those industrial toothpastes that you are used to, so your transition to natural will be painless if you start with Nature’s Gate Creme de Peppermint first.