Best Toothpaste For Cavities Review 2017

Cavities are a huge problem for most people, due to one of two simple reasons. That is either if they don’t brush teeth frequently enough or use a wrong toothpaste. This issue occurs due to bacteria and germs which will produce acids which literally destroy the enamel of the teeth.

Once the layer is destroyed, the acid will cause demineralization (destruction of the mineral part of a tooth). As the end result, you may need to visit a dentist and get a filling or a root canal which can be very expensive. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, start using one of the best toothpastes for cavities. They all contain several effective anti-cavity ingredients which kill the harmful bacteria.

  1. TheraBreath Dentist Formulated Fresh Breath Anti-Cavity Toothpaste

TheraBreath is the best toothpaste for cavities you can possibly find. Overall, it is powered by all-natural ingredients, including Aloe Vera. The end result is ultimate protection from tartar, cavities and bad breath. It should be mentioned that this toothpaste doesn’t contain artificial colors, detergent or any chemicals. The safety is at the highest level, so even children can use it. That’s why all dentists recommend it.An additional advantage you will want to be aware of is the reaction time. It is instant, meaning that the active ingredients will start the process the first second you begin brushing your teeth. Furthermore, the mentioned formula is also effective in whitening the teeth and killing most of the bacteria in the human mouth. We should add that the formula also helps with dry mouth issues. The taste toothpaste leaves during teeth brushing is natural and similar to the mild mint flavor. It is another benefit, specifically developed for people with sensitive stomachs, who cannot use strong or strong-taste toothpaste in the morning. The flavor is appreciated by pregnant women, children or aforementioned type of people.

In a case you are not satisfied with the effect, the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee, which is actually rare in this type of business. So, to sum up, why you should choose this toothpaste? It has a mild taste, it is proved effective and it is the ultimate savior of your teeth. When it comes to the cavity prevention, this toothpaste is the best choice.


  • Great formula, effective against tartar and cavities
  • Mild taste
  • Helps with dry mouth
  • Eliminates bad odor
  • Kills most of the bacteria
  • Whitens teeth
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Affects taste even 1 hour after teeth brushing
  • Isn’t the first choice for individuals with extremely sensitive teeth and gums


  1. JASON NutriSmile Enamel Defense Anti-Cavity Toothpaste

Oranges are the delicious and favorite fruit of us many. Cinnamon and mint are known for great taste. If you may wonder what all of this has to do with the toothpaste in question, lets us explain. All of these ingredients are found in this toothpaste. In other words, it is one of a kind and probably will be the main choice for individuals who are open to trying something deliciously new. It has been proved that these ingredients actually affect teeth and gums on a completely another level than compared to conventional toothpaste. One of the main facts is the vitamin C implementation. Used for repairing the teeth health and restoring the strength, this vitamin is just perfect for protecting the teeth from cavities!

On one side, the toothpaste is strong and powerful. On another side, it is gentle and sensitive. Obviously, we mean on the ingredients which aren’t present in the toothpaste. Sulfates, chemicals, preservatives, propylene glycol and all other artificial ingredients won’t be found here. The main thing is the combination of the mentioned substances. They may cause issues to the teeth health, gums or even the skin inside the mouth. A toothpaste without them is always a better choice!

All of you who may wonder about the name of the brand, let’s reveal a little secret. It is actually JĀSÖN, which means healer in the Greek language. The brand is founded by a group of same thinkers in 1959 and ever since, they have been delivering natural products, without side effects. At the end, you should remember that the taste of this toothpaste is one of stronger you can get! It is peppermint taste which lasts hours after teeth brushing. And yes, this also makes your breath smell yummy.


  • Vitamin C for stronger teeth (restores enamel)
  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • Sensitive for teeth
  • Extraordinary taste and feeling while brushing teeth


  • Peppermint taste may be too strong for some people
  • Uses Stevia rather than Xylitol


  1. Sensodyne Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth and Cavity Prevention

Now we have one of the best-known brands on the market. Their new toothpaste is quite different than others we will mention or have mentioned here. First and foremost, it is primarily designed for eliminating the sensitive teeth issue. It is a condition which causes pain while eating specific foods or drinking some fluids. In addition, it is a common issue which affects 38% of adults and it can appear at any moment.

The toothpaste works by preventing the teeth sensitivity by using carefully selected mixture of ingredients. They restore the natural protection and strength of the teeth, eliminating the mentioned issue. At the same time, these ingredients prevent cavities, which is the main reason why we rated this toothpaste so high. As a toothpaste for preventing cavities, it is third best. But for the people who want this type of toothpaste and have sensitive teeth, it is the number one.

Other facts you will need to know is the tartar protection, whitening feature which is one of the best in the class and the fresh feeling you get after teeth brushing. To sum all up, Sensodyne Toothpaste is a high-quality product, specifically developed for those who aren’t satisfied with other products of this kind.


  • Eliminates the sensitive teeth issue
  • Whitens the teeth
  • Tartar protection
  • Ideal for most people
  • Prevents cavities


  • Fresh feeling doesn’t last long
  • May cause unpleasant feeling on the tongue


  1. 3M ESPE 12117 Clinpro Tooth Creme 0.21% NAF Anti Cavity Toothpaste

As the name suggests, this is a proper anti-cavity toothpaste. It acts in two ways. The first one is to prevent the cavities and root cavities even from happening. The second property allows repairing the demineralised teeth. The secret is in the Tri-Calcium Phosphate formula, also known as TCP. For you who need it explained, the formula contains phosphates and calcium, which are naturally found in saliva. They are essential for strong teeth, which suggest the toothpaste will be more than just efficient in repairing the teeth.

The method how it actually works is little bit complicated. But that is exactly where lies its real power. In short terms, ions will transport the substances from the main formula into the teeth and therefore help them regenerate. All of that is paired with amazing vanilla mint flavor, actually very pleasant and gentle.

Despite this flavor, the toothpaste doesn’t contain sweeteners or sugars!

At the end, you will get your teeth whiten, due to additions to the main formula. Overall, this is a great product which uses the latest technology and it is one of the most extraordinary toothpastes on the market today. You should try it at least. The price is affordable and it truly works.


  • Tri-Calcium Phosphate formula
  • Whitens teeth
  • Repairs demineralized teeth
  • Vanilla mint flavor


  • Flavor lasts short
  • Small package


  1. Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening Plus Expressions Cinnamon Rush Liquid Gel Toothpaste

What if you want a gel rather than toothpaste? Then, this is the right product. It is made by a world-known brand and it has been properly tested, so all the advantages and the efficiency are confirmed. Being a gel, it truly has a few advantages. The taste and the feeling you can get while brushing teeth is different than usual. Whitening teeth is guaranteed as well.Anyway, we liked the results the gel proved against cavities. It is a great preventive and it even restores the natural strength of the teeth. The gel is gentle as well, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive teeth. The package is large, so don’t expect to purchase it all the time. In a matter of fact we can even say that this is the best value for money product on the list.

One of the facts which caught our eye is the stain removal feature. It must be mentioned because it is rare among products of this type. Most of the stains will be removed after a few, first teeth brushing. After that, the gel will start working on older, harder to remove stains. At the end, you will get a perfectly white teeth and an even better breath.


  • Remove stains easily and even older ones
  • Flavor is just right for most individuals
  • Large package
  • Provides freshness


  • May cause allergic reaction to some people
  • Breathe doesn’t last long


The best toothpaste for cavities here is the TheraBreath. It has everything you are going to need and something more. We liked it and we highly recommend it. Chances are low that you will need another toothpaste ever again. In addition, it is suitable for people who are looking for gentle toothpaste. Obviously, let’s not forget other products here! Each one has a specific set of advantages and each one is a high-quality product, developed by the best teeth care brands in the business. In other words you wouldn’t make a mistake tying any of them. The most important fact here is that all 5 products are perfectly safe, without artificial ingredients, chemicals or preservatives. Using them on a regular basis is beneficial and won’t cause side effects. After all, teeth health is something you should nourish all the time.


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